It’s been a month since my announcement that I’ll be a college student. Now I am! I’m kinda somewhat proud here, but there’s more to tell, especially when you need my support when using my products.

The first thing is about how busy I am. My weekday is full of university agendas. Of course there’s some extra spare time, but likely it’s not enough to tweak things like the past. So I plan to use weekdays to replying emails and getting support ticket closed.

But what about weekends? This is where uncertainity happens. Although I do have a lot of spare time there, there still a chance that those spare time will be taken also by university agendas. Who knows? But anyway, I’ll try my best to improve my product.

Actually, I’m not gonna scare you guys with this somewhat this-scary article, I’m really having fun and busy with my own activities in college. If you want more details about my university: I entered UTM with Informatics Engineering field since August 2018, so this will be a perfect enviroment to rebake my skills and get involved with local community to drive myself to become a better person, which I hope then be better for everyone (and you!).

The transition from full-time Asset Store Publisher into full-time college student is entirely challenging so I hope that I can manage my own time more efficient in future.

So that’s it. I admit support will be slightly scarce from now. But again, i’m trying my best to keep these products (and my Github profile) alive today and tomorrow.